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Jun 16

The Ribbon Cutting!

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So there we were meeting together as a church family as we have done for the past 27 years (some of those years I have experienced). There had been talk among our church family of getting a new building, but nothing was certain as we were unsure of the decisions that had been taking place. This particular Sunday, our dedicated Pastor, Dave Limmer, stood up to tell Restoration Church that God had provided us with a new building.

God had indeed provided a new building for us in the form of the old building used by Highland Park Community Church who has been ministering in Casper for many years. Not only did we receive this building which was 10 times the size we were currently using, but we received it debt free. Since then, the people in Restoration Church have been working feverishly and giving of themselves to move into the new building.

Our New Sanctuary in our new buildingFor the very first time Restoration Church will be meeting in our east sanctuary June 16, 2011. It will be the official spiritual ribbon cutting for our Church into this building.

I keep thinking of the time when King Solomon finished the temple and brought all the people of Israel together to dedicate the temple to God. After Solomon prayed, God came down in His glory in such power, that the priests were unable to minister. Can you imagine what that must have been like? I can just see Solomon, the priests, and and the multitude of people lying on their faces before the Lord because of the weight of His glory overwhelming them.

I can’t help but believe that as we as a church gather together, God will overwhelm and bless His people.  Come join us at 9:30am on Sunday as we celebrate as God has fulfilled his promise to us!

Our new address is 411 S Walsh Drive, Casper, Wyoming 82609.

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