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Jun 20

Honoring the Patriarchs

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How appropriate that our first Sunday in our new building was on Father's day. Worship was amazing as our friends Dan and Felicity White were here to lead us into worship. The word even more appropriate as Felicity spoke about Patriarchy and Worship. I anticipate being able to provide you with the podcast and pictures of our first Sunday very soon.

May I just go ahead and say that Restoration Church has been blessed with many fathers who truly show a glimpse of the goodness of Father God? Our Pastor, Dave Limmer and Associate Pastor, Randy Raver are both prime examples, but I am also talking about all the men in the house who have set their hearts on following Jesus.

I was privileged to watch from the balcony while all the fathers in our new sanctuary made their way to the front of the building on Sunday. I was amazed at the amount of men who stood before our church and I am so thankful. Even if your own dad was not a good dad, there are men who show the true quality and even more so Father God. The reason God has portrayed Himself so much as a Father is because of the lack in so many men and women's lives all around the world.

It is right that we should honor those men who have loved their families well.

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