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Aug 03

SonSurf Vacation Bible School

Randy Raver Posted by: Randy Raver Print PDF

            Take a massive backyard, the awesome staff, backdrops, new music, and an average of 43 kids a day for a week, and you have the recipe for Sonsurf VBS.  What a time we had!

            Resounding throughout the neighborhood, kids shouted “Big D!” and “Hector!”, waiting longingly for their heroes to emerge from the back drop and humor them with their crazy antics.  These kids learned about Jesus, about His faithfulness.  They learned that they could count on Him to forgive them of the things they’d done wrong, that His love was enough to carry them through their fears and sorrows.  They learned that He has also sent them to tell others about Him, that the gift they received from Him, the Holy Spirit, they were to give to others.

            Sonsurf was a solid week of learning about Jesus, whether in the theatre, or in crafts, recreation, or snack time.  Every station reinforced the love of Jesus for the kids.  Every craft they made with their own hands reinforced that they were made in the image of a loving God.  Every snack refreshed them and reminded them that God will provide for our needs.  Kids joyfully played games that strengthened them in the Lord, and gave them a good laugh.

            And, of course, who could forget the kids getting to “cream”  “Big D” and “Hector the Protector,” or douse them with water.  They laughed and they learned their way into a good place in God.  And the staff...  well, having met with Jesus and poured our lives out for the week, we went home and took a nap.

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