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Nov 23

Transforming the Church

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Restoration Church has been and is in a season of transformation.  January 9, 2011, Pastor Dave Limmer spoke to our fellowship about the changes that God was instituting in us, and changes that we’d see develop around us.  He wasn’t kidding.

June 19th, Father’s Day, we celebrated in our “new” facility.  This building is 10 times the size of our previous building, approximately 100,000 square feet.  There are mindsets we had operated in while in a building that was 10,000 square feet, and now we’re having to think differently.  Several other entities share our building with us now, including three other churches besides Restoration.  We’re learning to share, we’re learning to be land-lords.  We have a whole new set of maintenance things to deal with:  a more sophisticated security system, a new custodial system, and how do we keep the ice off our humongous parking lot?!

But the building isn’t the only thing that is shifting.  In September we “set in” our third elder, Justin Limmer, and we set in place seven deacon-couples, or servant leaders.  These individuals had already been busy ministering in various capacities, but the transformation we’re experiencing is couples who are now running with areas of ministry with a new sense of vision and authority, and things are changing.  Teams in nursery and children’s church are being added to.  Restoration Creative is preparing to perform “Make Believe,” directed by Caleb Palmer.  We’re desiring to reach out to a community now, so the “Make Believe” cast will be participating in Casper’s Christmas parade downtown.  We’ve invited some who receive groceries through our pantry, to attend a special performance, for them.


Thinking differently begins with being transformed on the inside.  Romans 12:1-2 speaks of “being transformed by the renewing our minds...”  Our pantry ministry for the working poor, since we’ve moved into this building, has been transformed as well. Ministering to new families every week, we’ve helped over 400 families so far since really getting our feet on the ground in July, 2011.


We’ve been joined by some awesome families who are so vital to what we do here.  We are becoming brand new.  We are being transformed!


If transformation was limited to one Church in this city, we’d be boasting, and not even we would benefit from what God is doing.  I’m not saying that if you merely speak the words, “This is the year of transformation!” that in six months churches will be in buildings 10 times larger than the one they were in.  No, but God does have a plan for every Church in Casper.  God has a plan for your Church, too, if you’re outside of our city.  I will say, however, that saying or proclaiming a year of transformation has been a part of Restoration Church’s participation with God in seeing changes come.


We pray that you become blessed as you step in obedience in the ways of the Lord, into His plan to prosper you.

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